Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy Wednesday@Rabu!

Selamat Hari-hari semua...
Just a quick updates for rabu day mo share 1 vid's frm just for laugh untuk menceriakan lagi rabu2 kita ni...

Selamat bersuka ria, n berketawa riang, berguling sakan!(mcm dlm pilim hindi gitu)


Hello, salam sejahtera n salam 1malaysia!
hahaha saya da jatuh cintahh dengan lagu ni, tgh belek2 fb kawan terjumpa lah lagu c "Juwita Suwito" ni. Buat sapa2 yang tak kenal dgn Juwita Suwito ni, ahhh dia la yg nyanyi lagu AF original tu...
Paling best pasal ni lagu ialah the lyrics...huiyoohh memang best, sapa2 yg tiada perasan kali mmg x paham kali maksud lirik ni.Tapi buat sy yg berperasaan (cewahh) mmg lagu leleh lah hahaha. I just let u guys enjoy tis song then..Lyrics provided as below.

Everytime I look into Your eyes
There's a pleasant surprise awaiting me and amazing me
Somehow I realize I'm so tired of the lies they keep telling me
Telling me I should look down inside in myself to find something greater
When I know I can look at the bright sight and find the Creator

I just need to spend one moment with You
Somehow it's a brand new world I'm passing through
You lift me higher, You let me see
Over the walls that surrounded me
Don't need to prove myself, just need to show and tell
It's You in me

The other day a wolf in sheep in disguise
Told me goodness would buy a day or two for me in Paradise
I could never pay the price, not with a million lives

But it' d done for me
Why should I just depend on myself and pretend I'll find something greater
When I know I can look at the bright side and find the Creator

Friday, 2 September 2011


Salam 1Malaysia! hehehe been missing in action since a kapel kapel kapel kapel days ago..
Just a quick updates a wish for all Moslims n Malaysian "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" ( still not late ba kan, raya is 30 days ba kekekeke ) n Happy Malaya erkk i mean Selamat menyambut Hari kemerdekaan yg ke54! Just be grateful we live in harmony n peace for the past 54years ago. Palis2 no such thing as war in our country.
N peeps HAPPY SEPTEMBER! 3 more months to go b4 we hit the 2012 n 8 more years before the 2020 vision!