Sunday, 2 October 2011


Ahahaha...been missing blog-ing like 1 months alrdy. Yaya life is full wit work n busyness n tiredness n sekutu2nya.
Wat i been doin for the whole september is written below:
1. People sick they came to the hospital n we take care of them.
2. Been doin a lot of over time (0ver-work) due to lack of staff, lots of patient, auditing done by the superior, bla bla bla
3. Chores at home
4. The sims social in FB need some updating. ( im an addict! )
5. suddenly i forgot the no.5 lols
6. Tutoring sister's for her PMR tis October. also need some revision b4 tutoring.
7. Taking care of 'baby fruits' erkk i mean nieces n nephews.
8. hmmm...i'll continue the list after the break hahaha
Rupanya x jgk bnyk sy buat setakat lupa2 ingat sudah ba.. nt if i remember back, i'll put it on the list bah.

Nway Good night Friends, new friends, old friends, bestfriends, girl/boyfriends.
HAPPY OCTOBER u guys! God bless y(^^)


Armstrong said...

Hey happy October to you too ;D And happy Tuesday!

Wa it seems you banyak jaga urang suda o kan. Banyak experience. Buli jadi mummy suda... wakakaa jaz kidin.

Have an awesome day yo.

shyne_onme said...

wakaka, arms better u say suda ble kawin bah...hehehe ngam skit. U too hv a nice day!

Armstrong said...

Aa ngam la tu... buli kawin and jadi mummy terus. Hahaa jk.

Happy Sunday Shyne_Onme!